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Power Of Attorney Lawyer In Elk Grove Explains Power of AttorneyRead what our satisfied clients have to say about our Estate Planning Services.

If you find yourself in need of a Powers of Attorney lawyer to allow someone to handle your affairs if you are in a position where you are unable to do so, call Power of Attorney lawyer Christine Faulkner to assist you in this process. We make sure that the person or organization that you appoint has the authorization that you need them to in order to represent you properly.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing someone to represent you should you become unable to speak or act for yourself.

Each individual case is different and unique and it is important that you consult with a lawyer who specializes in such services to make sure that your  Power of Attorney is set up and handled correctly.

Here Are Some Types of Powers of Attorney You May Need To Consider

General Power of Attorney - authorizes your Agent to act on your behalf in a variety of different situations. Special Power of Attorney - authorizes your Agent to act on your behalf in specific situations only.

Health Care Power of Attorney - allows you to appoint someone to make health care decisions for you if you're incapacitated.

"Durable" Power of Attorney -The general, special and health care powers of attorney can all be made "durable" by adding certain text to the document. This means that the document will remain in effect or take effect if you become mentally incompetent.

Revocation of Power of Attorney - allows you to revoke a power of attorney document.

Actions Covered By General Power of Attorney

The term Power of Attorney covers a pretty broad scope of things that a person or organization may appoint you as your agent. Some of powers that are covered will include:

  • Handling banking transactions
  • Entering safety deposit boxes
  • Handling transactions involving U.S. securities
  • Buying and selling property
  • Purchasing life insurance
  • Settling claims
  • Entering into contracts
  • Exercising stock rights
  • Buying, managing or selling real estate
  • Filing tax returns
  • Handling matters related to government benefits

You also have the option to grant additional powers to your Agent such as:

  • Maintaining and operating business interests
  • Employing professional assistance
  • Making gifts
  • Making transfers to revocable ("living") trusts
  • Disclaiming interests (this has to do with estate planning strategies to avoid estate taxes)

General Power of attorney is mostly used to allow the person chosen as your agent to take care of matters and affairs for you when you cannot do so for yourself. You may become mentally or physically unable to handle matters on your own. You may even be out of the country and un able to take care of certain things that require your presence. In these cases, a general power of attorney may be required.  Here at Cava & Faulkner, we consider ourselves to be the best choice you can make when looking for a power of attorney lawyer, and we would be pleased to assist you.

Special Power of Attorney

Special power of attorney give very specific powers to the person or organization you appoint to be your “agent.” An example of this may occur when appointing someone to sell your home, handle debts, handle banking transactions, and more.  More examples of why a special power of attorney may help you:

  • Handle banking transactions
  • Enter safety deposit boxes
  • Handle transactions involving U.S. securities
  • Collect debts
  • Sell real estate
  • Mortgage real estate
  • Manage real estate
  • Sell personal property
  • Borrow money
  • Manage business interests
  • Handle government issues
  • Make financial decisions
  • Make estate planning decisions, including gifts

Here at Cava & Faulkner, we want to make sure that your powers of attorney are set up correctly.  Ensuring that they work when you need them. We will spend time educating you and looking over every angle of your particular situation and to set you up as quickly as possible.

 Health Care Power of Attorney Lawyer Explains Importance of Power of Attorney

A Health care power of attorney is a legal document allowing a individual to assign an “agent” having authority to make health care decisions for you if you are cannot make these decisions yourself. A Health care power of attorney is very important for every adult, but especially those individuals who are terminally ill or have life threatening diseases. You need to have the important conversations with your family members or person you would like to assign as your agent so as to discuss what your wishes. It is so important that you choose someone you trust completely because your life is in their hands. These decisions are so important, which is why you should meet with a power of attorney lawyer experienced in helping people just like you take care of the important decisions.
Health care power of attorney is different from a living will. Your Health care agent can make decisions regarding your health only. As long as you are able, you always retain the right to make healthcare decisions yourself.  The heath care power of attorney becomes necessary only when you no longer have capacity to make your own healthcare decisions.

Contact Elk Grove Power Of Attorney Lawyer For More Information
If you are looking for a power of attorney lawyer who can help answer your questions regarding legal matters, make sure to contact us at Cava & Faulkner. We know that these matters may be extremely troubling. If you need to hire a power of attorney lawyer, we invite you to come see us and learn why we have become one of the most trusted legal resources for these types of family matters.  For more information, contact power of attorney lawyer Christine Faulkner at (916) 685-1225.

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