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How Elk Grove Lawyer Cava & Faulkner is Different From Other Law FirmsWe truly look out for you, our customer, and your best interest. We know that dealing with these issues is difficult. Let us take care of you and your estate planning needs.

Learn what makes our Estate Planning Firm the Best.

Our lives are wonderfully rich, and we all want to live life to the fullest. We enjoy our work and community service, our families and loved ones, and new experiences that move and inspire us.

What we love becomes what we want to protect — the important people in our lives, the assets we’ve worked so hard to accumulate, and the priceless memories, dreams and values. Our services are designed to provide you and your loved ones with this protection both efficiently and easily.

Our unique approach:

1 – We do everything on a flat-fee basis.

People like certainty in their lives. And they don’t like receiving unexpected bills from lawyers billing for every single phone call .We want our clients to feel good when communicating with us. For these reasons, all of our fees are flat fees, agreed upon in advance, so there will never be any unpleasant surprises. We speak openly about our fees up front. We have 3 levels of planning allowing each family to be in complete control when choosing the fee most comfortable for them.

2 – Our team makes it easy for you.

We know firsthand how busy families can be, and that it can be a real struggle to put your own needs ahead of your children, your family, your clients and your customers. The reality is that if something like estate planning can be put off, it will be, sometimes indefinitely.

Many people are embarrassed to admit they haven’t focused much attention on their estate planning. It’s understandable why they haven’t, but the fact of the matter is that no one knows when the unexpected might happen. While it’s unlikely something will happen to you prematurely, it’s possible. And if you don’t have a plan, or don’t have a plan that works for your needs, the effect of a premature disability or death will be absolutely devastating for your loved ones.

At Cava & Faulkner, we make it as easy for you as possible. Typically, we complete a plan in 2 to 3 meetings over the course of 4 to 8 weeks. We offer complete trust funding services and review your plan every 3 years, at no cost to you, so you can have total peace of mind knowing that your plan will work when you need it.


3 – We recognize that estate planning is about much more than just transferring money and property; it’s about passing on your most valuable intangible gifts: Your life’s lessons, your hopes and dreams for your loved ones, and your family heritage.

What would it be worth to you to read a handwritten letter from your departed parent or grandparent — or even hear his or her own recorded voice — telling you how much you were loved as a child, or what life lessons he or she most wanted to pass on to you, or what his or her dreams for you were? Traditional estate planning focuses on money and property and for the most part stops there. But we all have a larger wealth that goes beyond money and property. It includes the wisdom we’ve acquired, the insights that have allowed us to make better decisions as we get older, and our family heritage.  At Cava & Faulkner we will discuss your essential questions including the meaning and purpose of wealth within your family, your shared core values and the kind of legacy you want to leave for your children. We know that you have much at stake in designing a plan that embodies your important values and principles. We know that estate planning is NOT a single event but rather a process which considers enhancing your life and those of your children. We find that what drives the planning process is a clear vision of the future. Planning also answers the question of what is most important to your family. We believe that the planning documents are simply secondary to the questions of your life's meaning, and legacy. When you add all of this into your plan, then you pass on real wealth!

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We are Elk Grove, California's experienced estate planning lawyer that can help you get the assistance that you need. We put our clients needs first and we aim high to give the level of service that you need.

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