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What is A Family Trust Lawyer and What Do They Do?Read what our satisfied clients have to say about ourFamily Trust Administration Services.

A  Family Trust Lawyer is an attorney that helps families put their affairs in order to make things as easy as possible when and if you become unable to care for yourself or pass on. A Family Trust is a legal document that says what you want to happen to your assets at the time of your death or in the event of your incapacity and when drafted properly, it will allow your family to stay out of Court, save money and keep everything private.

This type of trust has also been known as a living trust or revocable living trust. Here at Cava & Faulkner, we do things differently than most family trust lawyers.  We help you pass on more than just your money; we ensure that your trust will always work when you need it, even if the law changes, your life changes and your assets change, as they surely will.  We do not just put in place form documents that likely won’t work when your family needs them; instead, we develop a lifetime trusted relationship with you so that you can always count on.

Learn How Your Family Trust Lawyer In Elk Grove Can Save You Money

Did you know that hiring a Family Trust lawyer can potentially save you a great deal of money? It’s true! One of the main ways this is accomplished is that the family trust typically helps you avoid probate procedures, and keeps your assets and personal information private. Unlike a standard will, having a Family Trust lawyer set up a family trust will keep all terms of the trust private and away from predators and when possible creditors. A standard will may very well allocate and dictate how property and financial assets are distributed, but any property omitted from the will is subject to public probate procedures.

Choose A Family Trust Lawyer Who Understands Your Needs

So many families do not take the necessary steps early on to avoid probate. Meeting with a family trust lawyer is relatively easy and does not take a great deal of your time. In fact, you would be surprised how quickly your local family trust lawyer, Cava & Faulkner, can set up your family trust. At Cava & Faulkner, we specialize in working with families seeking to protect their family assets, and we are so happy to help preserve your family legacy. In our experience, families who take the time to seek out a qualified family trust lawyer quickly and personally experience a huge burden lifted, allowing your family to focus on enjoying life together.

A Family Trust Lawyer Can Make Things so much Easier For You

You may have heard TV or radio commercials encouraging you to handle your own legal matters, completely bypassing the need to hire a family trust lawyer. You might even believe that this method is more affordable. However, having seen many “do it yourself” estate planning documents, we can tell you how easy it is to fall into traps for the unwary leaving you with a very false sense of security that everything is taken care of. In reality, your family will find themselves with a big mess at a time already full of grief and pain.

We know firsthand the value of hiring an experienced lawyer to handle matters for you. Let us work with you in creating the very personal plan you need to make sure you and your loved ones avoid probate and that everything happens smoothly and easily. To make sure your family is fully protected, make a quick phone call to an Elk Grove Family Trust lawyer at Cava & Faulkner, (916) 685-1225, and we will tell you how this simple process can be one of the single most important steps you accomplish your life.

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